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Yolanda Tapia is an extraordinary and distinguished international pianist. Hailing from the cultural vibrant city of Xalapa, Mexico, Yolanda has mesmerized audiences worldwide with her virtuosity and unparalleled skills as a collaborative pianist. She has graced prestigious stages, performing as a concerto soloist with renowned orchestras like the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra and CSU Symphony Orchestra.


Yolanda's artistry has been showcased at esteemed international chamber music festivals, including the Académie Musicale de Morges in Switzerland, Orvieto Musica in Italy, the Bowdoin International Music Festival in the US, the San Miguel de Allende Chamber Music Festival in Mexico, and the Toronto Creative Lab in Canada. Recently, she captivated audiences as an Art of Song Fellow at the Puerto Rico Flute Symposium and the Toronto Summer Music Festival.


Her exceptional talent has garnered widespread recognition and accolades. Yolanda was awarded the first prize in the Virtual International Professional Collaborative Piano Competition hosted by the Puerto Rico Center for Collaborative Piano in 2022. She has been honored with the second prize at the Chamber Music National Competition in Mexico City, first and second prizes at the CSU concerto competition, and emerged as the winner of the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition. Her remarkable abilities as a pianist have also earned her the distinction of being a two-time finalist at the "Maria Clara Cullel" International Piano Competition in San Jose, Costa Rica. Additionally, she was bestowed with the Manuel M Ponce award for the best chamber music group at the Chamber Music Festival in Aguas Calientes, Mexico, and recognized as a prize winner in the chamber music division of the Kiwanis Festival in London, Canada.


Beyond her captivating performances, Yolanda has made significant contributions as an educator and lecturer. She has conducted masterclasses at institutions such as the University of Veracruz, the International Music Festival in Loja, Ecuador, and the Cambrian College School of Music. Noteworthy presentations include lecture recitals at CollabFest2021, Latin American Chamber Players, Western University, and El Canto Online.


Yolanda's musical endeavors extend beyond her solo and collaborative piano work. She has showcased her artistry as an orchestral pianist, performing with notable ensembles like the Veracruz State Youth Orchestra, CSU Symphony Orchestra, CU Symphony Orchestra, and UWO Orchestra.


As a chamber musician, Yolanda has made an indelible mark through captivating performances and mesmerizing tours. She has delighted audiences across the Midwest as part of Trio Loja, and as a member of the Kuyum Ensemble and Carnyx Trio, she has enraptured listeners throughout Ontario. Currently, she forms the spellbinding Obsidiana Duo with accomplished mezzo-soprano Camila Montefusco. Their exceptional artistry has earned them a coveted spot on the roster of artists for Prairie Debut's 2023-2024 season and Debut Atlantic 2024-2025. Their performances have captivated audiences at various venues in Southern Ontario, and they are set to embark on a prestigious residency at the renowned Banff Center for Arts and Creativity.


In 2020, Yolanda spearheaded the creation of, a groundbreaking platform accompanied by influential social media accounts aimed at promoting the rich diversity of the collaborative piano community. Notably, she co-created Cybercollab 2021 alongside pianist Kimly Wang, an international Zoom event that curated exceptional video selections from participants worldwide, captivating audiences and celebrating the global collaborative piano community.


Yolanda's academic background further solidifies her expertise and passion for music. She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in collaborative piano from the University of Western Ontario, where she also served as a graduate assistant. She has also obtained a Master of Music in piano performance from Colorado State University and a Bachelor of Music in piano performance from the University of Veracruz. During her time at the University of Colorado at Boulder, she had the privilege of being mentored by renowned musicians Margaret McDonald, Alexandra Ngyen, and Mirsumi Moteki.


Before pursuing her graduate degrees abroad, Yolanda served as a staff pianist at the Institute of Music of Veracruz State. Since 2015, she has served as a private collaborative pianist at the University of Western Ontario, working closely with vocalists and instrumentalists. Additionally, from 2018-2023 she held the position of music director at Knox St. Andrews in Dutton, Ontario.

Recently, in April 2023 Yolanda completed a performance residency as a member of Holland America's esteemed Lincoln Center Stage piano quartet, enchanting audiences across Europe, South America, and even Antarctica. Her extraordinary talents have resonated in diverse and distinguished settings, leaving an indelible impression.

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