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Music Educator


        Dr. Tapia teaches piano to students of all ages and levels and provides coaching services to vocalists and instrumentalists in London and the Middlesex county area. 

      As a teacher, she alternates lecturing with questioning (commonly known as the Socratic Method) as an effective way to keep students actively engaged and to help them explore their ability to think critically, develop problem-solving skills, and self-teach. She advocates including a multidisciplinary approach to teaching music and piano to redefine students’ challenges outside their normal boundaries.


   She has offered piano masterclasses at the University of Veracruz, FIM Loja Ecuador, and the Cambrian College School of Music. She has taught piano privately to students between ages 5 and 43 in three different countries and has experience teaching students with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders. 

As a vocal coach, her coaching skills include mentorship, diction, preparing singers for opera roles with the opera at Western University, collaborative skills and chamber musicianship, discussions regarding style, performance practice, and music literature. 


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